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Laura Hails

Where will our children live if we separate?

  • Posted

Following separation, whether that be through divorce or civil partnership dissolution , parents usually want to minimise any disruption to their children, ensuring that they soon settle into a new routine - whether that is in the existing family home, or...

Making a will when you retire

  • Posted

We advise why you should make a will as soon as possible if you have retired and how mental capacity and undue influence are particularly important issues to consider.

Divorcee Fails to Unlock Ex-Wife's £17.6 Million Family Trusts

  • Posted

Parents are frequently concerned that generosity to their child may end up benefiting his or her spouse in the event of divorce. However, as a High Court case showed, taking legal advice on the creation of a discretionary trust can be a highly effective...

What's Yours Is Yours and Your Will Does Not Have to Be Fair

  • Posted

When making a will, the law does not require you to act fairly and the general rule is that everyone is permitted to leave their worldly assets to whoever they wish. In a case on point, the High Court honoured a pensioner’s bequest of by far her...

Best interests of the children

  • Posted

Each year thousands of children experience the separation of their parents. Divorce and separation generates a large level of stress in a person’s life and it is likely that children will have feelings about divorce and separation which will be...