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Laura Hails

Challenging a dubious will where you suspect coercion

  • Posted

We all have the right to leave our money and property to whoever we please when we die, but the decisions we make must be arrived at freely and without undue influence from family, friends or others who hope to secure an inheritance. Unfortunately, with...

Construction industry injury claims rise to new heights

  • Posted

Over two million people are employed in the construction industry in the UK which is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), injuries suffered by construction workers are sadly on the increase despite...

Love knows no boundaries, but divorce must consider them

  • Posted

If you are considering divorce and have ties to more than one country, then where you issue your proceedings can impact the outcome. These types of divorce are commonly known as cross-border, and typically we think of countries outside the United...

Where will our children live if we separate?

  • Posted

Following separation, whether that be through divorce or civil partnership dissolution , parents usually want to minimise any disruption to their children, ensuring that they soon settle into a new routine - whether that is in the existing family home, or...

Making a will when you retire

  • Posted

We advise why you should make a will as soon as possible if you have retired and how mental capacity and undue influence are particularly important issues to consider.

Divorcee Fails to Unlock Ex-Wife's £17.6 Million Family Trusts

  • Posted

Parents are frequently concerned that generosity to their child may end up benefiting his or her spouse in the event of divorce. However, as a High Court case showed, taking legal advice on the creation of a discretionary trust can be a highly effective...

What's Yours Is Yours and Your Will Does Not Have to Be Fair

  • Posted

When making a will, the law does not require you to act fairly and the general rule is that everyone is permitted to leave their worldly assets to whoever they wish. In a case on point, the High Court honoured a pensioner’s bequest of by far her...

Best interests of the children

  • Posted

Each year thousands of children experience the separation of their parents. Divorce and separation generates a large level of stress in a person’s life and it is likely that children will have feelings about divorce and separation which will be...