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Best interests of the children

Each year thousands of children experience the separation of their parents.  Divorce and separation generates a large level of stress in a person’s life and it is likely that children will have feelings about divorce and separation which will be very different to your own.

Many parents are able to agree between them how much time they spend with the children.  The familiar terms of custody and access are no longer used and the Court refers to child arrangements.   Parents can agree any arrangement that suits the needs of the children, with the children’s welfare being the focus of the arrangements.

If you are separating, you have probably thought of some of the following questions: where will the children live?  Will I see them in the school holidays?  How will we share Christmas Day?  If you cannot agree the arrangements for the children, you may wish to seek advice.

Whilst there may be acrimony between you, do not try to turn your children against your ex-partner.  UK family Courts do not take kindly to reports of parental alienation or manipulation of the children.  

Parents need to be able to communicate about the children for many years and should be flexible about child arrangements so that the children maintain a healthy, loving relationship and spend as much time as possible with both parents.

As a member of Resolution, I am mindful of the fact that during the separation process there will be a wide range of emotions and therefore approach cases in a conciliatory way in order to achieve a solution based on the needs of the whole family. 

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