Shareholder Agreement Solicitors

Shareholder agreements are an extremely important set of terms and conditions which outline clearly and concisely the roles and responsibilities of each party within a business that holds a share. These can be completely tailor made to best suit your individual circumstances and can go into as finite detail as you wish. It is often better to have as much detail as possible included within these agreements to cover as many eventualities as can be predicted.

Please bear in mind that a shareholders agreement will only cover those included within it and will need to be adjusted in the future should any additional shareholders join your team.

Within our team at Pengelly & Rylands we have dedicated specialists in corporate and commercial law that will work with you to create a shareholders agreement specifically relevant to your individual business needs. This could cover:

  • the voting rights each investor will have
  • the votes required for certain decisions to be made;
  • those decisions for which unanimous approval will be required;
  • a right of first refusal for existing shareholders where an investor wants to sell their shares;
  • restrictions on the sale or transfer of shares to third parties;
  • the right of existing shareholders to buy the shares of an incapacitated or deceased shareholder for a pre-agreed sum;
  • how a shareholder’s interests in the business will be dealt with if their shares need to be sold;
  • the rights of shareholders if the business is restructured;
  • safeguards to protect the interests of minority shareholders;
  • a mechanism to prevent minority shareholders thwarting a business sale or other corporate transaction;
  • a mechanism for forcing a disinterested shareholder to leave the business; and
  • a procedure for resolving disputes within the business 

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