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Selwan Yousif

The role of NDAs and confidentiality clauses when appointing a new supplier

  • Posted

When appointing a new supplier there is often a dilemma over the issue of confidentiality. How do you strike the balance between sharing enough information to obtain the best deal without jeopardising confidential business information? ‘It is...

Could a trade mark protect your business on social media?

  • Posted

While social media can be hugely beneficial for many businesses, it is not without its problems. Organisations have had to adapt to deal with unfavourable reviews, account hacking, data protection breaches, fake accounts and impersonation, use of their brand...

What to do if you receive an adverse possession claim

  • Posted

Isolated land that is not regularly inspected can sometimes be appropriated without anyone noticing. Farmland is particularly susceptible, as are remote areas of woodland and scrubland within large rural estates. When this continues for a long period of...

Buying an asset-based business - what to look out for?

  • Posted

If you are contemplating buying another business, then you will have been suitably impressed with the sale particulars. But these do not tell the whole story and when you decide to acquire the assets of a business you will want to satisfy yourself that...

Contract pricing in commercial agreements - pitfalls to avoid

  • Posted

If you are a fan of Marmite or Hellman’s mayonnaise, you may recall a brief dispute that broke out between Tesco and Unilever in late 2016 which led to the supermarket temporarily suspending the sale of a range of popular branded products. The dispute...

Mind the risk gap - best practice when using subcontractors

  • Posted

Whether you are planning on using subcontractors for a one-off project or on a long-term basis, there are several steps you can take to safeguard both your business and business relationships. ‘The first step is to carry out some basic checks on your...

Are your contracts fit for purpose in this new world of business?

  • Posted

If you are one of the thousands of business owners in the UK who have had to adapt during the past couple of months to survive the coronavirus pandemic, then it is likely that some of your contractual arrangements may not have kept pace with all the changes...

Resolving a dispute arising out of a breach of your fiduciary duties

  • Posted

If you have been appointed as a company director, a commercial agent or a trustee, then as well as any contractual or statutory obligations you may have, you will also be obliged to act in accordance with a series of fiduciary duties aimed at ensuring you do...