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Construction industry injury claims rise to new heights

Laura Hails
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Over two million people are employed in the construction industry in the UK which is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), injuries suffered by construction workers are sadly on the increase despite...

Injured in an accident involving a delivery driver?

William Mayston
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One of the features of the Covid-19 pandemic has been our increasing reliance on delivery services. Supermarkets and online retailers have been swamped with orders, as people look to comply with government instructions to maintain social distancing and...

Not so safe at work - compensation for an accident at work

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Despite the UK’s extensive health and safety legislation lots of people still suffer serious injury at their place of work. The industries where accidents are statistically most likely to occur are manufacturing, construction, transportation and...

Resolving a dispute arising out of a breach of your fiduciary duties

Selwan Yousif
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If you have been appointed as a company director, a commercial agent or a trustee, then as well as any contractual or statutory obligations you may have, you will also be obliged to act in accordance with a series of fiduciary duties aimed at ensuring you do...

Resolving a dispute over residential service charges

  • Posted

Service charges are a common feature with houses or flats which have been bought via a long lease. They are designed to cover the running costs your landlord will incur in keeping shared areas and other facilities in good order.  For example, entrances,...

Dusty Work Overalls Responsible for Wife's Asbestos-Related Death

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The effects of asbestos exposure in the workplace can be devastating, not only for employees but also for their loved ones and anyone else with whom they come into contact. In a case on point, a man whose wife died after laundering his dusty work overalls...

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