Pre-nuptial Agreement Solicitors

Pre-nuptial agreements are becoming more common today than ever before. Far from being seen as unlucky or pessimistic, these documents are incredibly sensible and a sign of trust before you even enter your marriage or civil partnership.

In relationships where there is a significantly higher contribution of wealth or assets from one partner more than the other, or if there is the expectation of this to be the case, these documents can safeguard both parties in the event of divorce of dissolution.

The pre-nuptial agreements can be specifically customised to your own unique set of circumstances and can have caveats included in the event of certain occurrences. For example, it could be all wealth and assets to be divided in a certain way in the event of divorce unless the reason for divorce is adultery, and then the division would be an alternative way.

At Pengelly & Rylands, our family law experts can work with you, listen to your thoughts and ideas and guide you through the process of making a prenuptial agreement. 

  • They will ensure that:
  • you and your partner disclose the full extent of your personal wealth and financial interests;  
  • you are both happy to enter a prenuptial agreement and have good reasons for doing so;
  • you have thought about all eventualities;
  • the agreement proposed will meet your respective financial needs and those of your children; and
  • you take independent legal advice, so you are clear about the proposed terms of your financial arrangements.   

Please note if you are already married or in a civil partnership arrangement it will be a post-nuptial agreement you will require.

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