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It is incredibly common for couples to live together without being or intending to get married. Unfortunately however this situation does leave you without particular rights afforded to married couples should the relationship diminish. Financial arrangements, child care and property are all factors that should be considered as in the eyes of the law, an unmarried couple are very much seen as two independent individuals.

Therefore at least looking into getting a legally binding document created outlining your wishes is a very wise decision. Should circumstances change they can be altered, and similarly should you decide to enter in to marriage they can be replaced with a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement should you so wish.

At Pengelly & Rylands Solicitors in Tenterden, our experienced family lawyers are experts at providing advice to unmarried couples on a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to:

  • cohabitation agreements, which detail everything from who owns what to responsibility for bills and debts;
  • arrangements for children, particularly where one partner wants to be involved in a child’s life through adoption or the grant of parental responsibility;
  • organisation of property ownership and bank accounts, to ensure everything is either in joint or individual names, depending on what has been agreed;
  • the resolution of a property dispute where there is disagreement about ownership issues or tenancy rights;
  • pension sharing where there is uncertainty about your partner’s entitlement;
  • inheritance rights and making a will to ensure your wishes are carried out;
  • compromise agreements to formally severe ties if your relationship breaks down;
  • financial arrangements; and
  • disputes about children.

If required, mediation can be used during this process should conflict arise between those involved in deciding the content of these agreements. We will always aim to resolve any issues amicably and promptly.

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