Domestic Violence Solicitors

Being involved in a relationship where there is prominent domestic violence, be it physical or mental is extremely traumatic and can make you feel isolated and alone. There is no reason at all to accept this behaviour and you should never feel that you have no way forward. Our family solicitors have specialised training in domestic violence cases and are here to help you no matter how helpless you may feel your situation to be.

Domestic Violence covers a multitude of abuse, apart from physical violence you could be suffering from mental or emotional manipulation, controlling behaviours, communication channels being monitored and governed over and beyond your wishes, financial abuse; there are a huge variety of acts that constitute domestic violence.

Even finding the courage to make an initial phone call can feel like a huge step in the right direction. The family law solicitors at Pengelly & Rylands are an expertly trained team, and can give you an idea of the best way forward according to your unique situation from as early as your introductory consultation in some cases.

Depending on your circumstances, our family law experts can help with:

  • obtaining a court order to force your partner to leave the family home; to stop them coming within a certain distance of where you or your family live or work or where your children go to school; or to prevent them from contacting you other than through your solicitor;
  • applying to the court for your partner to be arrested if they fail to comply with the terms of any order;
  • seeking financial compensation where your partner has been found guilty of harassment;
  • supporting you in reporting your partner’s behaviour to the police and social services;
  • introducing you to domestic violence charities and agencies who can help with housing needs, assessing entitlement to state benefits and other support; and 
  • bringing your relationship to an end by commencing divorce or civil partnership dissolution proceedings, negotiating the division of assets and other financial matters, and agreeing arrangements for children.

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